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Pixhawk Pixhawk == PX4-FMUv2

  • It is based on a 168MHz 32bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 processor with 256KB of RAM.
  • Pixhawk hardware project was started at ETH Zurich by Lorenz Meier and MikeS.
  • Original Pixhawk was manufactured by 3D Robotics.
  • Since 3DR has stopped manufacturing, mRobotics has taken over the manufacturing. mRobotics is run by 3DR co-founder Jordi Munoz B.
  • It is an open source hardware, so there are many clones and copies available on the market.
  • It has two ancestors, APM (the hardware) was an Arduino based flight controller made by DIYDrones/3DRobotics, and PX4-FMUv1 and PX4-IO.
  • Pixhawk is essentially a single board version of PX4-FMU + PX4-IO module, and thus it's also know as PX4-FMUv2 (FMU = Flight Management Unit).
  • There's a version of PX4IO called PX4IOAR which is specifically designed for AR.Drone.
  • Pixhawk uses Hirose DF13 connectors which is designed as a surface mount connector and not meant to be plugged/unplugged frequently. Since it's prone to connector/socket/wire breakage, and difficult to handle, a lot of people dislike it. |