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Solution Developer

What's your story?

Solution Development

Drone Control Software, Application Development, Integration, Internationalization & Localization

Area of Expertise
On-board Flight Control Software
Custom iOS / macOS Application
Graphics / 3D / AI Facial Recognition
Embedded / Mobile / Desktop / Web
Internationalization / Localization
C/C++ / Swift / Java / Ruby / Python
HTML / JavaScript / SQL
Pixhawk / ArduPilot / PX4 / ROS
Micro-controller (Arduino, etc.)
Linux SBC (BeagleBone / RaspberryPi etc.)
iOS (iPhone/iPad) / macOS / Android / Linux / FreeBSD
Cloud Services / Co-lo / Hosting
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One-stop Technical & Market-Entry Consulting Services

We provide a full range of Japan market entry support services as well as technical consulting and development services for high-tech firms.

We have extensive knowledge of the market and years of experience in providing sales and technical support on behalf of our corporate customers.

Market-Entry Consulting

One-stop Japan Market Entry Support
Market research
Competitive analysis
Market acceptance and adaptability analysis
Japan-specific sales strategy
Marketing and promotion
Local entity establishment
Bilingual staff recruitment

Technical Consulting

Web, Desktop, Mobile, Embedded, Drones
Technical research
Market adaptability and feasibility analysis
Japan specific roadmap development
Internationalization, localization (i18n, l10n)
Regulatory compliance research

Sales Support

Pre & Post-Sales
Lead generation
Demo, presentation, trade-shows
Deal shaping and negotiation support
Pre-sale and post-sale technical support

Hands-on Execution

Customer Support & Maintenance
Local tech-support
On-site support
Installations and maintenance
Data analysis & report generation
Other maintenance operations

Project Management

Global Projects & International Team
Resource management
Time & schedule management
Project scope & customer expectation management

Custom Drone Solution Development

Complete Drone System Design and Development Service

Total Drone System Design

  • We design both hardware and software to solve your problem
  • We don't just provide a drone, but rather a complete UAV solution tailored for your business domain

Open Source

  • We leverage the power of open source hardware and software to minimize the time-to-market and cost
  • Hardware: Pixhawk / PX4 / PXF / Clones
  • Software: ArduPilot (APM ArduCopter/ArduPlane/Rover/ArduSub) / PX4 Native Stack / ROS

Best Vehicle for the Job

  • We can design and build any type of vehicle that matches your application
  • Frame Types: Multicopters, Single-rotor Helicopters, VTOL, Fixed-wing Planes, Rovers, Boats and ROV's
  • Design Metrics: Heavy-lift, Long-range, Long-flight, Precision-flight, Redundant, Weatherproof, etc.


  • Optimized Hardware, UI, Operation, Application
  • PC, Tablet, Smart Phone based Ground Control Software
  • Peripheral and external system integration
  • Telemetry, FPV, LTE, Mesh Networking


  • Not limited to GPS/Waypoint
  • Autonomous Missions with Failsafe, Failover, Safety and Recovery
  • Much more flexible than closed systems such as DJI's
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Single Rotor Helicopter Autonomous Flight

Single Rotor Helicopter (Tablet Based Operation)


SingleStick Mode Racing Drone

About LambDrive

What's Our Story?

  • Cross-Discipline / Cross-Domain / Cross-Culture
  • Application / Solution / Market Development

We specialize in cross-dicipline, cross domain, cross-culture design and integration.

We strives to build solutions for promising seed technologies and expand their market potential.

LambDrive, Ltd.
Aoyama Centre Bldg. 2F, 3-8-40 Minami Aoyama, Minato, Tokyo 107-0062
+81 3 5324 2346

Goro Senzai - President