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ESC Calibration

Calibrate ESC

NOTE: REMOVE the props before doing this!!!

  • Turn on the transmitter
  • Throttle UP all the way
  • Connect the power to Pixhawk
  • Wait for the LED to flash frantically (Pixhawk will be in ESC calibration mode next time it boots)
  • Keep the throttle up
  • Disconnect the power from Pixhawk
  • Recconect the power to Pixhawk
  • Pixhawk will boot and arm itself
  • Wait till ESC beeps twice
  • Move the throttle all the way down
  • Pixhawk is now armed and ECS calibartion is completed
  • Move the throttle to see the ESC/Motor respond to the throttle linerly. They should all cut-off at the same time
  • Power-off the Pixhawk. It will be in normal mode (as opposed to ESC calibration mode) the next time it boots up