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Pixracer Pixracer == XRacer V1 == PX4-FMUv4

  • Manufactured by AUAV, designed by Nick Arsov & Phillip Kocmoud.
  • Officially selected as PX4-FMUv4.
  • Small form factor comparable to CC3D, NAZE, etc.
  • Fits easily on 250 class racing quads.
  • General improvements over Pixhawk (Faster CPU, more RAM, better sensors, etc.).
  • Uses JST GH connectors with locking tabs. Much easier to handle than DF13.
  • Built-in WiFi.

Basic Setup

  • Make sure there's an SD card in the PixRacer.

Connect via USB

  • Connect via USB.
  • Open QGroundControl and it should connect automatically via USB. If you've disabled autoconnect, setup an USB serial connection.

Connect via WiFi

  • The default WiFi SSID is PixRacer and the default password is pixracer.
  • Open QGroundControl and it should connect to PixRacer via UDP automatically. If you've disabled autoconnect, setup an UDP connection on port 14450.

NOTE: It's safer NOT to connect both WiFi and USB at the same time.

Update Firmware

  • If the firmware version and QGroundControl version doesn't match, you won't be able to run vehicle setup.
  • Make sure you are only connected via USB and simply update the firmware via QGroundControl to use all of the functionalities.

Follow the Standard PX4 Setup Procedures

  • Select Airframe Type
  • Setup Radio Control
  • Setup and Calibrate Sensors
  • Setup Flight Modes
  • Configure Power Module
  • Configure Failsafe
  • Tweak Other Parameters

For setting PID values on 250 sized quads, select Lumenier QAV250 or Generic 250 Racer from the Airframe selection screen in QGroundControl. For default values, refer to this page.


Connect to a NuttX shell via USB by first removing the SD card and then booting the PixRacer.

screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1 57600 8N1

To access the System Console which has boot output printouts, modify the JST GH to JST SH cable supplied with PixRacer and connect it to a FTDI serial adopter/cable.

Hardware Manuals

PX4 Setup

PX4 Native Stack Discussion

ArduPilot Discussion

WiFi Module

Web Interface

Power Module

AUAV PDB stackable module

Hardware Source Files

3D Printable Case

Intro video by Painless360

Cheap Copies

  • There are cheap counterfeit copies of Pixracer out there, but don't buy them as they have many issues and are based on an older revision.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer as the quality of the boards they produce is really good.