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Zubax GNSS

Configure Zubax GNSS

Connect Zubax GNSS to Mac using supplied USB-UART bridge with a CLIK-Mate connector.

screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A6XUYELD 115200 8N1
cfg set uavcan_node_id 77
cfg save

Type CTR-k to exit screen

uavcan_node_id should be set to a value between 1 - 125

Write the following to /etc/rc.txt on the Pixhawk's SDCard.

# uORB will be started again by the main init script later, it's OK
if uorb start
    echo "ext: uORB started"
    if uavcan start 1
        echo "ext: UAVCAN started"
        echo "ext: Could not start UAVCAN"
    echo "ext: Could not start uORB"

# This delay allows UAVCAN to pick external sensors before internal ones
sleep 2

Connect Zubax to Pixhawk

  • Connect Zubax GNSS module to Pixhawk using supplied UAVCAN Micro to DF13 connector via one of CAN1 port on Zubax.
  • Connect CAN bus terminator to the other CAN1 port on Zubax.

Configure Pixhawk to use Zubax

  • Set GPS_TYPE parameter to 9
  • If you are using a secondary GPS, connect it to Pixhawk's GPS port and set GPS_TYPE2 to a value appropriate for the unit (0 = off, 1 = auto, 2 = uBlox, 8 = SwiftNav, 9 = PX4-UAVCAN)

Login to NSH and check the UAVCAN status

uavcan status

Test using uBlox u-center

screen /dev/tty.usbserial-A6XUYELD 115200 8N1

CTR-k, y to exit screen

Once you are done, bring up the console and type


or just power cycle the unit to restart Zubax in normal mode.